Pleasant Ridge MI Data

According to the census, Pleasant Ridge's population is 2,526. Its location is south of Royal Oak, north of Ferndale, and east of Oak Park. In broader terms, south of I-696, west of I-75, and Woodward runs through Pleasant Ridge.


December 2019 Housing Market Data


Inventory:   14   (Down 30% Month over Month (MoM))
# of Homes Sold:   4   (Up 100% MoM)
Median Sales Price:   $2,650   (Down 99% MoM)
Avg Sold Price:   $109,813   (Down 58.6% MoM)
Avg Price per Square Foot:   $50   (Down 70.8% MoM)
Avg Days to Sell:   57   (Up 46.1% MoM)


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$200,000 - $300,000

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$300,000 - $400,000



Homes Sold in December:


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